Hello! We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit here to help kids learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) — Maker-style!

Maker-style education is dedicated to the idea that we learn best by creative doing. In the process, we learn how to learn.


We want all the kids in L.A.      (and beyond) to have the opportunity to learn science     and technology skills,        equally.

By training people who aren’t experts to help kids learn things like robotics and coding, we can scale STEAM education quickly and efficiently. 

We partner with community organizations that support under-represented kids, like libraries, housing projects and after-school programs. 

Q: Is there a need for this?

Unfortunately, yes.

90% of LAUSD 8th graders test below proficient in science

85% test below proficient in math

So if more kids from more communities learn STEAM, it can benefit both them and L.A.’s economy!

Q: What does L.A. Makerspace do on a daily basis?

Mostly, we facilitate hands-on workshops for kids in subjects like robotics, coding, e-textiles and stop-motion animation in  library branches all over L.A. County! The kids at the workshops range from about 7-14 years old, and they also serve as trainings for the librarians so that they can later lead workshops on their own.

73 branches​

14 million people visit per year

87 branches​

10.7 million people visit per year

Would you like to come? We hope so! You can find out where and when on the libraries’ websites: and

Q: Who does L.A. Makerspace reach?

We have 200 workshops scheduled for this year so far (Fall and Winter aren’t on the calendar yet).

That’s 4,000 kids, give or take a few.

66% of those kids are Latino or African-American (i.e. communities who are under-represented in STEAM fields)

29% are children living in poverty.

You can see the places where we’ve had workshops on this map! Right now it shows from May 2017 onward, 

we are working on getting the whole year up including future events.

Q: Who supports L.A. Makerspace?

These rad folks: