Our Workshops as easy as 1 2 3

1. Request

Send us a request for our free coding workshop

We’ll evaluate our team’s availability and will respond within 2 days, if it isn’t viable we will always suggest an alternative date.

2. Customize

Let us know how you envision the learning experience

We are always willing to shape our workshops to enable a great learning experience and part of it is hearing what you have envisioned.

3. Learn

Get ready to code games and animations within minutes

On the workshop day be ready to start right from the bat learning basic coding concepts such as functions, loops and if statements.

The Coding Crew Experience

Want to learn to Code?  Call the Coding Crew. We will come to your group or class to help you get started. Our free classes are taught by young Coding Crew members. You provide the space and kids eager to learn and let us introduce coding to your program.

Learn to build games, apps, robots and Internet of Things.
Experience a kids-teaching-kids experience.
Prepare your students for the future.

Request a Workshop

Join Coding Crew

Are you already a coder? Do you know how to use Scratch, AppInventor or other coding tools? Do you like to show other people how to do it? Then you are just the person we need to spread the word about Scratch and making your own games. If you like helping others, making friends, learning more about scratch and collaborating in a coding community, join us and become a member.

Join Coding Crew

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