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Maker Ed Training

Want to helps kids learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), but don’t feel you know enough STEM  to be able to teach it?

LA Makerspace can help. We offer a system of trainings, learning plans, post-training support, and cheering on to enable everyone working with kids and youth to help them learn STEM skills Maker-style.

Our fees for the trainings are sliding scale based on the budget of the organization. Learning plans now and yet to be developed are always open source and free.

Contact to talk more about working together!

We partner with organizations that reach underserved kids, to help them create self-sufficient STEAM programs using the resources they already have. We can train staffers how to facilitate kids’ STEM skills learning without having to become experts first, meaning no new staff or outside vendors are required.

If the cost is beyond your organization’s budget, email to see if we can give you a scholarship or look for funding together.



Starting with helping kids learn the principles of circuits, this 3-project sequence starts with an Artbot, a fun DIY toy utilizing just a cup, motor/battery, and marker legs. The next project is a cardboard robot arm, accessible for kids to take home with them. Lastly, introduce sensors by creating a robot which autonomously flees from light sources.

Minecraft is an incredible learning environment where kids can practice cooperation and good digital citizenship as well as design, math, and coding. LA Makerspace can teach you to use it effectively to facilitate learning and also provide a private, “Minecraft-in-a-Box” Local Area Network server, enabling kids to play safely in the same Minecraft world without needing to go online.

Stop Motion Animation


Using a simple app on an iPad or phone, and a grounding in narrative, you can help kids get up and running on bringing their own stories into reality with easily accessible materials like LEGO, toys, and modeling clay.

Help kids learn Scratch, an open-source, web-based block programming language developed at MIT. Scratch can be used to make video games, animated stories, and even control outside objects like MaKey MaKey. Once completed, we will teach you to continue with Google’s blue-ribbon CS First materials.


It’s a work in progress, but use what we’ve got freely! We will get on a formal notification system for changes and updates in the future. 

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